Tempo Planner for Server - 6.x - 16.x

Getting Started Videos

Take a quick tour of the features in Tempo Planner, including how to manage your teams and shared resources.

Getting started videos

Creating and Working with Plans

Learn how to create plans using the Jira issue view.

› Plan in the Jira Issue View

Creating Reports

Get a quick overview of plans and filter the information to display information that is meaningful to you.

› Report on Planned Time

› Filter the Report Data

› Group the Report Data

› Save Your Report

› Export Your Report

› Report on Staff Capacity - NEW!


Configure permissions settings.

› Planner Permissions

› Enable Plan Approvals

Classic Team Planning - Team Timeline

Enable Classic Team Planning Legacy features and learn how to manage and plan time for your team members on the Team Timeline.

› Enable Classic Team Planning

 Plan for Your Team Using the Team Planning Timeline

› Approve and Reject Plans

› View Team Capacity

› Export Team Plans

Classic Team Planning - Program Planning

Enable Classic Team Planning Legacy features. Create a group of teams, Programs, that are associated with the same Jira project or with the same Jira board.

› Enable Classic Team Planning

› Group Teams into Programs

› Assign Epics in Programs

› View Program Capacity