Tempo Timesheets for Server - 9.x - 16.x

Getting Started Videos

Take a quick tour of the features in Tempo Timesheets, including how to plan and log time, manage your teams, and more.

Getting started videos


Follow along with our step-by-step tutorials.

 Visit the Tempo YouTube channel for tutorial and "how to" videos.

Log Time

Log your time on Jira issues in multiple ways.

In the Jira issue View

Using Trackers

In the My Work Calendar

In the Timesheet View

Plan Time

Plan your time for the coming weeks.

In the My Work Calendar

Manage Your Teams by Role, Capacity, Workload, and More

Manage the work done by a group of people as a Team Lead.

About Team Leads

Create a Team

Link Your Team to Jira Projects and Boards

Associate Your Team with Jira Issues

View Your Team's Timesheet

Create Reports with Customization for Different Users

Get a quick overview of worklogs and filter the information by project, team, account, customer, issues, or Jira filters. Filter the information to display information that is meaningful to you.

Report on Logged Time

Filter the Report Data

Group the Report Data

Save Your Report

Export Your Report

View Planned vs. Actual Hours

Submit, Review, Approve, or Reject Timesheets

After you have logged your time, submit your timesheet for approval by a reviewer, who will approve or reject the timesheet.

› Submit Your Timesheet

 Submit Timesheets for Your Team 

 Approve or Reject Timesheets as a Reviewer 

 Grant a Grace Period to Your Team

Customize Jira Dashboards with Tempo Gadgets in Real-Time

Add Tempo gadgets to your Jira dashboards to track time spent on accounts, monitor your team's tracked time, manage your team, account, and project resources, and to visually chart this information.

 Account Gadgets

 Team Gadgets 

 User Gadgets 

Manage Accounts Used in Your Business, Including CAPEX, OPEX, Billable and Internal Time

Use Tempo Accounts to track work to support invoicing for customers. Use Internal issues to manage time spent on internal activities.

 Create an Account

Create a Customer

 Link Customer's Account to Jira Issues 

 Create Work Attributes 

 Configure Internal Issues

Manage Tempo Timesheets as an Administrator

Administrative tasks include the ability to manage reporting periods used for time tracking, configure custom fields and work attributes, configure issues used to manage time spent on internal activities, as well as Workload Schemes and Holiday Schemes. As an administrator you also manage user privileges.

 Make Tempo the Time Tracking Provider

Specify Time Periods for Time Tracking and Reporting

 Set Up Workload Schemes

 Set Up Holiday Schemes

Organize Your Staff into Locations

› Establish Internal Issues  

 Create Worklog Attributes

 Grant Permissions to Users