To edit a baseline

You can change a baseline's name, select a different approver, and edit the description. To edit a baseline in Tempo Budgets for Server, you must be the /wiki/spaces/THC/pages/256213011 or be an /wiki/spaces/THC/pages/256278529 for the folio:

  1. From the Tempo menu, click the folio you want to edit. If you don't see the folio you are looking for, click more..., and then find it on the Manage Portfolios page.
  2. You can open a baseline for Planned Costs or Planned Revenues. Depending on the baseline you want to edit, open the Costs or the Revenue tab, and then click Planned to the left.
  3. In the top-right corner of the folio, click the ellipses (...).
  4. Click Open Baseline.
  5. Select the baseline, and then click the pencil icon .
  6. Make the desired changes in the Edit baseline dialog box:
    1. Name – The name of the baseline. Each baseline must have a unique name.
    2. Approved By – The name of the user who will approve the baseline.
    3. Description –  A detailed description of the baseline.
  7. Click Save.