To add actual revenues to a folio

To add actual revenues to a folio in Tempo Budgets for Server, you must be the /wiki/spaces/THC/pages/256213011 or/wiki/spaces/THC/pages/256278529:

  1. Select your folio using Tempo > (folio name).
  2. Using the top bar, select Revenue, and then Actual.
  3. Select Add a Revenue (a).
  4. Enter information about the revenue:
    1. Name - enter a name for this revenue
    2. Category - select either Operational Expenditures or Capital Expenditures.
    3. Type - select a type for the revenue.
    4. Amount - enter the amount of the revenue.
    5. Currency - enter the currency for the expense.
    6. Recurring - select Once, or select a period for a recurring revenue.
    7. Amortized - select this option to spread the revenue in equal amounts over a specified period.
    8. Account - select an account to link.
    9. Labels - select labels to add to the human resource.
    10. Description - add a description about this position.
  5. Click Add to add the revenue, or select Add another and click Add to continue adding revenues.