Delete Own Worklogs Permissions for a Project in Tempo Timesheets for Server

The Delete Own Worklogs permission gives users the ability to delete their own worklogs made on issues. The permission is a part of a permission scheme that is assigned to the project. For more information about how to manage project permissions, see Managing Project Permissions.

To grant the Delete Own Worklogs permission, you need the Jira Administrator permission:

  1. Click Jira settings  at the top-right, and then select Projects.
  2. In the Projects list, select the project for which you want to administer permissions.
  3. In the sidebar at the left, select Permissions. 
  4. Click Actions at the top-right, and then select Edit permissions.
  5. Go to Time tracking permissions. Find Delete Own Worklogs and click the Edit link.

  6. In the Grant permission dialog box, select the user/group/role that should be granted the permission.
  7. Click Grant.

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