Tempo Timesheets 8.13.1

Those Tempo Timesheet users that have migrated from a Cloud instance to a Server instance and are currently using any version prior to version 8.13.1 will need to perform the following actions after upgrading to version 8.13.1 or any version after that.

Those that are upgrading from any version released after 8.13.1 do not need to take note.

This article is for Tempo for Server and Data Center


Database modification is not supported by by Atlassian and Tempo. The scenario when this KB is needed is that customer has migrated between cloud and server. Since the migration is also not supported by Tempo, and the customer still decided to do so, then they'll have to follow this KB to generate the missing database table (Default Rate table does not exist in Cloud instance), which was supposed to be created automatically during normal upgrade or in new fresh install.

We would always recommend that you to make a database backup before following the following steps in case something does not work out.


What to do if "Error! Default Rate Table could not be found" message shows up after upgrading to Tempo 8.13.1?

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 7.24.28 AM.png


Please, run these two queries on your database. 

VALUES (1,'Tempo Default Price Table','USD',true,'2003-01-01');

These queries should recreate the rate tables that were not created with the upgrade, but you'll need to configure the rates manually.