Account Hours by Customer Gadget - Tempo Server

Viewing data in the Tempo Accounts gadgets requires the Approve Timesheets permission.

The Account Hours by Customer gadget shows hours worked on a customer's account during a chosen period. This gadget is a great addition for Managers and Executives to plan, track, and allocate account resources for a designated period. 

Please note that none of the Tempo Gadgets can be used in Confluence.

For information about how to add the gadget to your Jira dashboard, see Tempo Gadgets - Tempo Server.

To configure the Account Hours by Customer gadget:

  1. Go to your dashboard and click  in the upper-right corner of the Account Hours by Customer gadget.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Edit the gadget configuration:
    1. Customers – All customers created through Tempo Accounts. The default customer is the first in the alphabet. 
    2. Chart Type – Select the chart type to illustrate the data in the most meaningful way to you.
    3. Select a period – Select the time period you want to display. Current period and Previous period are configured in Period Configuration.
  4. Click Save to display the results in a graph.

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