Account Monthly Budget Burn-up Chart Gadget - Tempo Server

Viewing data in the Tempo Accounts gadgets requires the Approve Timesheets permission.

The Account Monthly Budget Burn-up Chart gadget displays the progress of hours worked on an account and its monthly budget. This gadget is a great addition for Managers and Executives to monitor progress on accounts, and to plan and allocate resources accordingly.

Please note that none of the Tempo Gadgets can be used in Confluence.

For information about how to add the gadget to your Jira dashboard, see Tempo Gadgets - Tempo Server.

To configure the Account Monthly Budget Burn-up Chart gadget:

  1. Go to your dashboard and click  in the top-right corner of the Account Monthly Budget Burn-up Chart gadget.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Edit the gadget configuration:
    1. Account – All already created through Tempo Accounts. The default account is the first in the alphabet.

    2. Period – Select the time period you want to display. Current period and Previous period are configured in Period Configuration.
    3. Estimation line – It can either be On or Off. By default, it is On.
    4. Refresh interval - Select how often you would like the gadget to be updated.
  4. Click Save to display the results.

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