Logging and Planning Your Time in My Work

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If you only have Tempo Timesheets installed, you can plan time for yourself and only see your own plans in the calendar. To plan time for others, you need to have Tempo Planner installed and the Manage Team Plans permission.

With the My Work Calendar you get an overview of your agenda and timesheet progress as well as being able to complete all tasks related to your timesheet and time-off requests.

You can integrate your external calendars with your My Work Calendar so that you can track time against meetings or other events you have scheduled.

In the My Work Calendar you see the progress of tracked time against planned time for each day. At the end of the day you can effortlessly log any remaining time planned for on your agenda. At the end of each period you can thesubmit your timesheet for review from the My Work Calendar.

You can view the My Work Calendar in List  or Time  view.

  • List view:  shows your plans and worklogs categorized either by type or start time. Entries are the same size regardless of duration. 

  • Time view: helps you visualize each day. You can easily see what to work on and when, and where you have gaps and overlaps in your agenda.