Planning Your Time in My Work

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If you only have Tempo Timesheets installed, you can plan time for yourself and see only your own plans in the My Work Calendar. To plan time for others, you need to have Tempo Planner installed and the Manage Team Plans permission.

The My Work Calendar shows you the agenda for the week at a glance. All work planned for you by your Team Lead or Resource Manager is displayed in the calendar. The My Work Calendar is also where you request time off and organize your own plans. If you integrate your external calendar with the Tempo calendar, meetings and other external calendar events also show up in your My Work Calendar, making it even easier to manage your work. At the end of the day you can easily log time against your agenda.

Watch this video to see how to plan your own time, such as vacations, in the My Work Calendar:

To access the calendar, select My Work  in the Tempo sidebar and make sure Week is selected at the upper-right.

To plan time for yourself in the calendar:

  1. Make sure List view  is selected.
  2. Move to the date where you want to plan time, hover over the + and click Plan Time.
  3. Fill in the Plan Time form and click Plan Time in it when you're done.
    Note: If you have Tempo Planner installed and Enable Plan Approval is on, you can select a Reviewer, such as when requesting time off. Tempo sends an email notification to the reviewer. Your pending plan will be displayed with a shaded background and a yellow dot in your Calendar.
  4. The plans appear in both the List and Time views in your My Work Calendar.

The List view - Cards do not show start and end time. By default, the cards are grouped together by type, but you can click View at the top-right and select to sort the cards by start time.

The Time view - Cards are displayed in chronological order. The cards can be resized and show the duration visually. All-day events are displayed in a shelf at the bottom.

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