Tempo Apps

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Tempo delivers several apps to help you get the most out of Tempo including:  

  • Cost Tracker for Tempo Timesheets, an app that integrates seamlessly with Tempo Timesheets to deliver a complete financial overview. It lets you track project costs and monitor the financial health for any project that you define using a single Jira filer (JQL query). 
  • Tempo Planner is an effective tool that helps you plan time for resources and teams. You can get a clear overview of your staff’s availability and plans in real-time, and this helps you make better decisions for planning efficiently. Tempo Planner is a good partner with Tempo Timesheets: once time is planned, it can be easily logged.
  • Tempo Mobile lets you log your time wherever you are. Both IOS and Android mobile devices are supported.
  • Chrome Tempo Tracker is a real-time tracker pinned to your browser, making it easy to quickly log time.
  • VS Code Extension lets you log time where you work - no need to leave the coding environment.
  • Google Calendar and Office 365 Calendar integrations for Tempo Timesheets (My Work) make it easy to log time from your meetings with a single click.