Viewing Account Revenue and Target - Tempo Server

You can view an account revenue report, which consists of a table and graph that show the calculated account revenue for a month. You can set the total revenue target for the account, independent of time period, and monitor how much more revenue must be earned to reach the target. 

To view the account revenue report:

  1. Select Accounts in the Tempo sidebar.
  2. In the Accounts view, select the relevant account.
  3. Click Revenue at the top-right.

Automatic Calculation of Revenue

Account revenue is automatically calculated based on the following parameters:

  • The number of hours that are logged by team members on issues.
  • The role of the team members.
  • The price rates that correspond to the roles.
  • The expenses that are logged by team members on issues.

The issues must be in projects that are linked to the account.

Overview of the Account Revenue Table

The account revenue table is below the graph on the Account Revenue page and lists revenue by team role, issue type, and expense category.

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The four columns have the following meanings:

Team Role

Rate ($/hour)HoursAmount ($)

The team role of users who logged work.

Logged expenses are included at the bottom of the table.

The hourly price rate that corresponds to the team role. The price rates are defined for each role in a price table that is associated with the account.

Tip: A user who is in two teams might have different roles in each team and therefore two hourly rates. By default, work on an issue is charged at the user's highest rate. You can set work to be charged at the user's rate for a particular team by selecting that team in the Team field of the issue.

The number of logged hours

For logged hours

The calculated revenue, which is the rate multiplied by the number of logged hours

For expenses

The amount of the expense

Displaying Revenue by Issue Type and Expense Category

To display a breakdown of revenue by issue type and by expense category in the account revenue table, complete the following steps:

  1. In the first column, click the header, Team Role.
  2. Select Team Role / Issue Types from the list.

Overview of the Account Revenue Graph

The account revenue graph displays revenue for different roles in different colors for one month.

The example above shows calculated revenue for an account that is called 'Wikkkieea Cloud CAPEX' for the month of January 2019. Above the graph, the four figures have the following meanings:

$19,950 Jan '19The revenue for the displayed month.
$55,775 TotalThe accumulated revenue from the date that the account was created until the end of the displayed month.
$60,000 Revenue TargetThe revenue target for the account, independent of time period.
$4,225 Under Target

The difference between the previous two figures.

This figure turns green if the revenue is over target.

Changing the Revenue Target

To change the revenue target for the account, you need the Tempo Account Administrators permission or the Tempo Rate Administrators permission.

  1. Above the graph, click edit next to Revenue Target.
  2. Enter the value of the new target.
  3. Click the check mark .

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