Upgrading Tempo Apps to be compatible with Jira 8

Relevant Tempo Apps versions are Timesheet 10.x, Planner 7.x and Budgets 13.x

Preparing for upgrade

Please follow Atlassian’s recommended guidelines for upgrading Jira to version 8.0. 

Upgrade Actions

Your Tempo apps will be compatible with the new Jira 8 version once you upgrade both Jira and Tempo apps.

  • Action: While on Jira 7.x platform, upgrade your Tempo apps to Timesheets 9.2 / Planner 6.2 / Budgets 12.2.

  • Action: We recommend that you disable the Tempo apps and proceed with the Jira upgrade. Once you're on a new version, you can upgrade the apps and enable them back.

    • Disable your Tempo apps.

    • Upgrade Jira the latest Jira 8 version.

    • Upgrade your Tempo apps to versions Timesheets 10.x / Planner 7.x / Budgets 13.x

    • Enable your Tempo apps.