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Tempo delivers a mobile app for iOS and Android that lets you keep an eye on your workload anytime and from anywhere, and manage your time on-the-go. Log and plan time, start trackers and get timely reminders in your inbox.

The Tempo Cloud mobile app takes advantage of familiar mobile gestures, interactions and UI elements, so you'll be productive in no time.

Set-up and Go

Install the free Tempo Cloud mobile app for iOS and Android by searching for Tempo Cloud directly from:

Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions. 

You log in using your Atlassian ID. That is, the same email and password you use to log into your Jira site. 

Log and Plan Time in My Work

  • See your day in My Work and log time against plans, your Google Calendar events, or update your time records. Just tap and go.
  • To Log Time or Plan Time on an issue, or start a Tempo Tracker, tap the '+'. Tap Add Issue to select from recent issues, or select a different filter at the bottom of your screen. 
  • To edit a time record in My Work, tap the record then tap Update.
  • To delete a time record, plan or tracker, swipe to the left and tap .

Work with your Google Calendar

  • Connect your Google calendar to Tempo to view your calendar events in My Work and any time spent in meetings or other events. You can log out or switch accounts directly from Settings .

Your Trackers in One Place

  • When you have active trackers, you can simply tap the current tracker at the bottom of the screen to display a complete list of all your trackers. From there, you can start or pause any tracker, and log time. Tap the trash icon at the top-right to delete the selected tracker.

Review Your Timesheet

  • See how much time you've logged and what's left to complete. When ready, tap the progress circle to choose a reviewer and submit. Of course, you need only tap on any date to see exactly what you worked on that day - and make changes as needed.
  • You can quickly navigate between periods using the previous (<) and next (>)  arrows at the top of your screen.

Approvals On-the-Go

  • Approvals have never been so easy. Tap your Inbox and see all timesheet or plan approval requests at a glance. If you are ready to approve or reject a request immediately, swipe to to the right to approve, or swipe to the left to reject. To view the request details, simply tap the request. You can approve or reject directly from the detailed view.

Manage Notifications

  • Notifications are enabled by default, so you'll receive reminders on your mobile device and in your Inbox . To take action, tap the notifications. 
  • You’ll be reminded when your timesheet is due. Managers are reminded when they have pending plan or timesheet approvals.
  • Tempo can help you keep up-to-date by sending you reminders to log time - on your schedule.
  • Tap Settings  manage notifications as you like.

Get Support

You can get help, or let us know how we can improve Tempo Mobile here.