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Viewing worklogs for other team members requires the View All Worklogs and Browse Projects permissions for each project.

To report on planned time, you need to have Tempo Planner installed. Viewing plans requires the View Plans permission.

You can customize your reports so that they show what you need in a meaningful manner. By default, report results are displayed in a grid format but you can also view the data as a detailed list. When viewing reports as a grid, you can also define whether the grids represent days, weeks, months, or quarters.

Tempo remembers all your view settings and preferences between sessions. 

To access reports:

  • Select Reports  in the Tempo sidebar.

Switching Between Grid and List View

To switch between grid and list view, click the View button at the top-right, and then select either Grid view or List view.

Grid View

The grid view displays the report information in a timesheet-format. Each column in the grid represents a day, week, month, or quarter, depending on the Grid Periods option you select on the Grid view drop-down menu. 

  • For logged time reports, you can click the cells and log hours on issues.
  • By default, each cel represent one day. You can select a different grid period and use the date picker to select a period to see what you need. Click Grid view at the top-right to select a grid period.

List View

You can select to display the report as a detailed list. The list view shows you the report information in table-format. You can choose which which attributes or work attributes to show using the Columns and List View Columns options on the List view drop-down menu.

Setting Date and Time Formats

You can select how dates, time, and duration are shown in your reports. Your preferences are applied immediately and are saved on a per user-basis. This affects how the date is displayed in the Date and Created columns in the List view when grouping by worklog, and in the Report Title field when saving.

To change the date, time, and duration format:

  1. Click the ellipsis button  at the top-right, then select Set Date & Time Formats.
  2. Select options as desired.

Viewing Issue Hours

If you have the View issue hours permission for the project but not the required permissions to view other users' worklogs, you can see the total number of hours per issue in the project, but not individual worklogs from other users.

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