Tempo Cost Tracker

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To work with Tempo Cost Tracker, you must have Tempo Timesheets installed and have the Tempo Cost Tracker Access global permission.

Tempo Cost Tracker leverages the power of Tempo Timesheets to deliver a financial overview that lets you track costs to quickly assess and monitor the financial health of a project. This project in Cost Tracker is defined with a single Jira filter that can include multiple Jira projects. Time logged on Jira issues defined by this filter are translated into labor costs.

You can then add expenses related to your project, set up a budget, and set rates for project team members. Cost Tracker delivers a financial snapshot so that shows you at a glance how your project's total costs track towards a budget. 

Watch this video to take a quick tour of Tempo Cost Tracker!

Quick Start

  1. Create a Jira filter (JQL query) that collects all the Jira issues you wish to include in your Tempo Cost Tracker project. 
  2. Select the Cost Tracker  icon from the Tempo sidebar to open it.
  3. From the Cost Tracker home page, click Create Project in the upper-right to create your first Cost Tracker project - see Creating a Project.