Enabling Classic Team Planning - Tempo Planner for Server

  • For Tempo Planner version 7.13.0 and later, Classic Team Planning features are disabled by default.
  • Enabling the Classic Team Planning features requires the Tempo Administrator permission. 

Classic Team Planning are team planning features that were made "Legacy" Features in Tempo Planner 7.13.0. These features continue functioning for all customers who were already using them, but are disabled by default for all new users. Classic Planning is accessible as a legacy feature, but you need to enable access to view it

Classic Team Planning features include:

  • Team Timeline
  • Legacy Team and Program Capacity Report
  • Team Commitment
  • Program Board

To enable team planning legacy features:

  1. Select Settings  in the Tempo sidebar.
  2. Under Configuration in the sidebar, select Legacy Features.
  3. Select the Classic Team Planning check-box. You can now set team members' commitment to a team. Clear the check-box to disable the features.

Tempo customers who use Timesheets only – but not Planner – can follow the same steps to enable Team Commitment. This applies to customers who use Timesheets 10.20.0 and higher.

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