Logging Your Time - Tempo Cloud

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  • Logging time on issues requires the Work On Issues permission for the relevant projects.  
  • Logging time for others requires the Log Work for Others permission for the relevant projects.

The main reason to use Tempo Timesheets is to log your time on Jira issues, and you can log time in different ways:

  • Press w to open the Log Time form from anywhere in Tempo or Jira, then log your time there.
  • In the My Work Calendar where you can drag and drop issues onto the calendar, create time records on any date, and log time against your planned schedule and external calendar events.
  • In the Tempo panel in the Jira issue view. Log time on the issue you're viewing or use a tracker to record the time spent working on the issue.
  • In your Timesheetyou can click in a cell or drag across multiple cells to add a time record for those dates and issue, or use the Log Time button. 
  • Log time on the go using the Tempo Mobile App for Jira, which is available for iOS and Android. 

Watch this video to get started quickly with logging your time!


You can log time in Tempo Timesheets completely using keyboard shortcuts!

  1. Press w to open the Log Time form from anywhere in Tempo or Jira.
  2. Enter the information in each field in this form, and press Tab to move among the fields.
  3. When you're done, log your time by clicking Ctrl+Enter (Windows) or Cmd+Enter (Mac).