Product Comparison - Tempo Timesheets Server/Data Center vs. Cloud

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We will no longer be updating Cloud documentation in this space, so please be sure to check the new site for the latest documentation and learning content.

The majority of features are comparable between Tempo Timesheets Server/Data Center and Cloud, and we are continually working to ensure the parity between the two products moves that much closer.

As you consider the best options for migration and to help you understand the main differences between the two versions, we’ve put together the following table to show where key functionalities diverge.

= available

= not currently available

= in development and / or on our product roadmap


Timesheets Server/Data Center

Timesheets Cloud



Timesheets Server/Data Center

Timesheets Cloud






Calendar integration


Servlet API


Chrome extension


Slack integration


Visual Studio (VS Code) integration


Event handlers (Timesheet approvals, Accounts, Worklog attributes, Teams)


Event handlers (worklogs)

there might be a delay

Tempo mobile app






Utilization Report

Tempo Reports will support group by Account Category & Account Category Type as well as Teams

Time and Expenses Report

Cost Tracker

Revenue Report

Cost Tracker





Billable hours

On cloud this is configured per project with project permission scheme

View Issue Hours


Data Retention (managed by customer external to the application)


Data storage

Local: alongside with Jira

Cloud hosted: AWS - US eastern


Manage Staff


Staff Location


Staff ID


Support for Jira groups for Team members


Members can be added from Jira groups but need to be maintained manually

Support for Jira groups for Team permission roles

Populate Tempo permission groups with selected users

Price Rates

Cost Tracker

Issue Expenses

Cost Tracker

Work Attributes - Dynamic Dropdown


Logging Time - Option to prevent users from logging time on parent issues


Logging Time - Option to allow users to log time on non-editable issues


Tempo Accounts - Configure label


Tempo Teams -Configure label


Account field on sub-issues set by parent issue

Currently possible on Cloud using Project Automation (Atlassian tool)

Tempo gadgets and dashboards

Need to recreate in Cloud

Jira custom fields








Team role

Create a custom Jira custom field which collects data from the Team role REST API. (Needs an additional add-on)

Time tracking




Tempo tracker for Jira issues

Access and UI for the Cloud tracker is different but the core functionality is the same

Automated suggestions for time records