Next-Gen Project Permissions - Tempo Cloud

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Project Permissions are tied to one or more projects and the issues and worklogs contained within that project. You need to be a member of the project's board to see the hours of a next-gen project. Go to the Project Settings of the project, and then select Access in the sidebar to see who has access to the project.

Roles (also known as permissions) control what each person can see and do on the project's board. To see Tempo data in your next-gen projects, you need to grant Tempo permissions for the project. Tempo permissions are granted by creating a new role and then selecting which Tempo permissions you want to apply to that role.

For more information about next-gen projects, see Atlassian's documentation.

To set Tempo permissions for a next-gen project:

  1. In your next-gen project, select Project Settings Access. 
  2. Select Manage roles to the upper-right, and then click Create role.
  3. Give your role a name and enter a description.
  4. Select App permissions and go down to Perform "Tempo Base plugin" actions.
  5. Select the permissions for this role. You can select the check-box at the top of the Tempo permissions list to select all permissions at once.
    1. Log Work for OthersPermission to log time on behalf of other Jira users who have permission to log time for the project.
    2. Set Billable HoursWithin the context of the project, permission to set billable hours of worklogs for the project in Tempo.
    3. View all WorklogsPermission to view all worklogs for the project in Tempo Timesheets.
    4. View Issue HoursPermission to access the total number of hours per issue, but not to see individual worklogs.
  6. When you are done, click Create. You can now assign the role to your team members on the Access page.