Tempo for Server and Data Center Has a New Look

In Tempo Timesheets version 10.16.0, Tempo Planner version 7.16.0, and Tempo Budgets version 13.16.0 we introduced a new look. We updated our logo, typeface, colors, and icons. Aside from new colors and icons, everything in Tempo for Server will be largely the same.

  • Module navigation. We've updated the overall look and feel of the Tempo sidebar. It has all of the same elements, including My Work, Planning, Reports, Teams, Accounts, Apps and Settings. We've also added to option to pin and unpin the sidebar.
  • Header bar. We've made the header bar tidier. It tells you where you are and provides navigation links to other pages and views within the module.
  • Toolbar. Where applicable, the toolbar features options to control the view and perform various actions. Previously some of these actions were included in the header bar.

Pinning and Unpinning the Tempo Sidebar

The Tempo sidebar is where you navigate between the different modules in Tempo. By default, the sidebar is displayed but you can hide and show it as needed.

To hide and display the Tempo sidebar:

  • To hide the sidebar, click the pin button  at the bottom of the sidebar.
  • To access the hidden menu, click  at the upper-left. Navigation options are displayed as a list.
  • To pin the sidebar, click , and then click  at the bottom.