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Permission or role

What you get by default

Who can give permission or role by default
Configuration location
Approve Timesheet permission
  • Permission to:
    • Review timesheets of Team Members
    • Grant grace periods to Team Members to complete their timesheets after a scheduled closing date
    • View the team timesheet and reports
    • View Tempo team and account gadgets
    • Approve accounts
  • If the setting 'Configure timesheet approval process' is set to Monthly (Period) or Weekly, permission to:
    • Approve and reject timesheets of Team Members
    • View the approval logs of Team Members
  • Permission to set billed hours if the following check box is selected in Tempo Global Configuration: Users with Approve Timesheet Permission can set billed hours
  • Team Leads automatically receive Approve Timesheet permission for their own teams.
  • Tempo Team Administrators can grant themselves Approve Timesheet permission
  • To view other team members' worklogs on a timesheet, you must have View All Worklogs permission for the team's projects
  • Users cannot approve their own timesheets, even if they are members on their own team.
  • Team Leads
  • Tempo Team Administrators

Tempo > TEAMS more > team name > Configuration > Permissions

For more information, see Team permissions.