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Planning Approval Process

Request Approval

This page explains the Request Approval workflow process for planned time. In order for this approval process to work, it needs to be set in Tempo Global Configuration.

When this option is enabled, users can request plans that they made be approved or rejected by a reviewer (Team Lead or another user with Plan Time permission). The screenshot below shows a Reviewer being selected in the Plan Time window and the text entered in the Description field becomes a message to the reviewer.

(warning) User can not select own name as reviewer.
If only one user has Plan Time permission, nothing is displayed in the reviewer list for that user.

Selecting a Reviewer for a planned issue (click to enlarge)

If Paul and John have configured the Tempo activity stream provider, this activity will be displayed in their dashboards.

The Reviewer can also be selected from the in-line edit window. Clicking on the planned Timesheet Cell and choose the Request Approval action option, which opens the Request Approval window to select the reviewer.

Selecting Request Approval option from the Actions menu, in the in-line edit window (click to enlarge)

The Request Approval window (click to enlarge)

Since John is now the reviewer for this planned item, the actions menu in the in-line edit window for him, has now the options Approve and Reject.

The Approve and Reject options in John's Actions menu (click to enlarge)

The Approve window (click to enlarge)

The Reject window (click to enlarge)

The status of planned items is displayed with different background colors in the Timesheet cells. Planned items that do not have any status yet are displayed with orange bars at the bottom in the timesheet cells. 

When a reviewer has been selected the background color becomes light yellow-orange for the planned item. Once the item has been approved, the background color changes to green. Other statuses are shown in the table and screenshot below.

Table: Statuses for planned items

Background colorStatus of a Planned Item
NoneA reviewer has not been selected
Light yellow-orangePending Manager
Dark orangeRejected
BlueMore than one statuses for the selected item

Statues for planned items shown in the Team Timesheet

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